3331 ART FAIR 2021 Installation view 青木美紅・奥天昌樹・小野久留美・高野萌美

📷Photo by 大久保空 Sora Okubo

小野久留美×石川丘子 二人展 HIDDEN SCENERY 不可視な光景 at 清アートスペース 展示風景 Installation View

Solo exhibition C(h)ronos at ギャラリー林 展示風景 Installation View

Solo exhibition C(h)ronos at ギャラリー林 展示作品 Exhibited works Photo by 大久保空 Sora Okubo📷

The End of Autumn, 2020, Private collection
Pollen Ⅲ, 2021
Pollen I, 2021, Private collection
Lycoris I, 2019
Lycoris II, 2019
Skin VIII, 2020
Skin VII, 2020
君ならで誰かに見せむ梅の花 色も香りも知る人ぞ知る I, 2021, Private collection
君ならで誰かに見せむ梅の花 色も香りも知る人ぞ知る II, 2021, Private collection
Season II, 2021
Season III, 2021
Series IV, 2019, Private collection
Series II, 2019, Private collection
Venus Ⅱ, 2020
Venus Ⅰ, 2020

Group exhibition UNDEFINED 未定義 at 清アートスペース Installation View

Path, 2020, Gelatin silver print on wood panel
SkinⅡ, SkinⅤ,2020, paper, soil, ink

Kurumi Ono & Aiko Taguchi Exhibition 永遠の現在: The Eternal Present Installation View

Ros(a)Ⅰ, Ros(a)Ⅱ
Flower of VenusⅠ, VenusⅠ, Flower of VenusⅡ, VenusⅡ
Aiko Taguchi’s works
Aiko Taguchi’s works
Photo by Kotaro Yamada
Photo by Kotaro Yamada
Photo by Kotaro Yamada
Photo by Kotaro Yamada

Solo Exhibition Stigmata Installation View

The End of Autumn/515 × 728mm/photography, wood panel, soil/2020

Stigma Ⅰ, Stigmata Ⅰ/364×515mm/ photography, wood panel, soil/2020
Stigma Ⅰ/2020
Stigmata Ⅰ/2020

Stigma Ⅱ, Stigmata Ⅱ/364×515mm/ photography, wood panel, soil/2020
Stigma Ⅱ/2020
Stigmata Ⅱ/2020

From108, To 108/210×297mm/paper, ink, soil/2019

Lycoris1/297×210mm/paper, ink, soil/2019
Lycoris2/297×210mm/paper, ink, soil/2019

Series/210×297mm/paper, ink, soil/2019

decomposition of photography by soil 1: 土壌による写真の分解1/ 210×297mm/ paper, ink, soil/2019
the origin: 出所/ 210×297mm/paper, ink, soil/ 2019

Homeostasis/photograph, paper, soil/ 2019

Happy birthday to you/ paper, sound,mirror/ 2018

Bruise/ photography, paper/ 2018

Untitled/ photography, paper, clip/ 2019

Family Portrait/ cotton, lace, thread, photography with flash/ 2017

Flower Drawing Collection/ Ink on paper/ 2018

The relationship/ Oil on wood/ 2016

Holding Ⅰ/ Oil on canvas/ 2018
Holding Ⅱ/ Oil on canvas/ 2018

A portrait/ Oil on canvas/ 2014