Solo Exhibition Stigmata Installation View

The End of Autumn/515 × 728mm/photography, wood panel, soil/2020
Stigma Ⅰ, Stigmata Ⅰ/364×515mm/ photography, wood panel, soil/2020
Stigma Ⅰ/2020
Stigmata Ⅰ/2020
Stigma Ⅱ, Stigmata Ⅱ/364×515mm/ photography, wood panel, soil/2020
Stigma Ⅱ/2020
Stigmata Ⅱ/2020
From108, To 108/210×297mm/paper, ink, soil/2019
Lycoris1/297×210mm/paper, ink, soil/2019
Lycoris2/297×210mm/paper, ink, soil/2019
Series/210×297mm/paper, ink, soil/2019
decomposition of photography by soil 1: 土壌による写真の分解1/ 210×297mm/ paper, ink, soil/2019
the origin: 出所/ 210×297mm/paper, ink, soil/ 2019
Homeostasis/photograph, paper, soil/ 2019
Happy birthday to you/ paper, sound,mirror/ 2018
Bruise/ photography, paper/ 2018
Untitled/ photography, paper, clip/ 2019
Family Portrait/ cotton, lace, thread, photography with flash/ 2017
Flower Drawing Collection/ Ink on paper/ 2018
The relationship/ Oil on wood/ 2016
Holding Ⅰ/ Oil on canvas/ 2018
Holding Ⅱ/ Oil on canvas/ 2018
A portrait/ Oil on canvas/ 2014